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EMS Education Center

We believe in educating our community on how to prevent emergencies and how to handle emergency situations. We also believe in providing our employees with an opportunity to advance their skills and complete their necessary state.

The Medstar Ambulance Team

With over 250 employees, Medstar is
one of the largest EMS agencies
in the state of Michigan.

Few people realize the care and compassion provided by Medstar employees on a daily basis.  While you may see our ambulances and support vehicles as they move about Macomb and Wayne Counties, you may not be aware of the dedication and skill of the personnel inside of the unit.  Medstar employees continuously work to expand their knowledge base and skills to ensure that our patients are treated with the most up to date care that is available, and with the best clinical equipment that can be found.

Medstar provides on-going education for our personnel, as well as in-service training on the latest equipment and care techniques.  With our own on-site Education Center, Medstar employees are provided many opportunities to seek additional training and education. Additionally, Medstar personnel are involved in teaching other individuals about emergency medical care, first aid, and other safety programs.

Medstar employees work closely with hospital and medical facility staff members, as well as participating in training sessions with emergency physicians and residents.  As a respected member of the medical care community, Medstar employees are often called upon to confer with physicians and nurses relative to the patients condition and treatment provided by EMS.  Because of our relationship with the hospitals in our service area, our personnel are often involved in hospital care programs, research projects, and quality assurance panels.

With over 250 employees, Medstar is one of the largest EMS agencies in the state of Michigan, and one of only seven to have met the rigorous standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS).  We believe that by opening our agency to outside review and comparison with the highest standards in the United States, we can insure the communities and facilities that we serve that they are getting the best of the best.

As a non-profit community service, we dedicate ourselves to providing the absolute highest level of service for the communities that we serve.  Communities that contract with Medstar for emergency medical services save millions of dollars each year compared to cities and townships that require taxpayers to pay additional taxes to support their municipal ambulance services.  At the same time, the communities that contract with Medstar receive emergency care from an agency that has stood up to the most rigorous examination in the country--and passed with flying colors.

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