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EMS Education Center

We believe in educating our community on how to prevent emergencies and how to handle emergency situations. We also believe in providing our employees with an opportunity to advance their skills and complete their necessary state.

Medstar Ambulance Services

The best people. The most advanced equipment.

Medstar paramedics and EMT's devote all of their professional attention to improving and refining the care that they deliver on a daily basis. They receive continuous in-service training on the newest theories and applications in emergency medicine. Equally important is our personnel’s dedication to the complete needs of our patients and families. Providing more than treatment, our personnel deliver the highest level of compassionate care.

Our personnel also work with the best available equipment and vehicles – Medstar invests heavily in patient care equipment and technology to insure the best care for our patients, and the safest, most appropriate responses and transports.

Nationally Accredited - Undisputed Quality

Although there are thousands of EMS agencies and ambulance companies across the United States, less than one hundred can represent themselves as accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS.) The Commission (led by representatives of the Federal College of Emergency Medical Physicians, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Emergency Nurses Association, and others) serves to develop the gold standards of the EMS industry, as well as review and inspect agencies seeking accreditation.

Accreditation of EMS agencies allows communities and medical facilities to know that they are choosing a provider who has met the most vigorous quality tests in the country. While many agencies claim to be "good," "superior," or "the best," few have successfully met the standards of CAAS. In fact, CAAS accreditation has become a required component of many of the nations leading EMS systems. Non-Accredited agencies are simply not allowed to care for patients in these EMS systems.

Medstar has been accredited since 1999, and received an unprecedented perfect score from the Commission in it's most recent review (2011). For more information about accreditation, visit www.caas.org.

Providing for The Needs of The Residents & Medical Care Facilities Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Medstar provides several programs to insure that community residents have safe, reliable, and medically focused transportation options to meet their needs after surgery, during rehabilitation, or for routine medical appointments. With a fleet of wheelchair vans, ambulatory vans, and specialty busses, Medstar provides clean, comfortable transportation for area residents and medical care facilities.

The employees who work in our non-emergency medical transportation department are committed to assisting patients with their needs, and often go out of their way to help our patients with other challenges of daily living. Because of the closeness of our employees to their patients, and the frequency of use, our personnel frequently develop close friendships with their patients, and become close with their families and friends.

Behind the Scenes - Making it All Happen

Medstar receives approximately 70,000 requests for service each year. Every phone call is answered by one of our dedicated, professional communication center employees. While interacting with our 911 agencies and medical facilities is a key component of their responsibilities, Medstar communications center employees are also responsible for the proper distribution of our emergency fleet throughout our service area, and relaying vital emergency information to our personnel.

Our communications center relies on state of the art computer technology for receiving call information, tracking the location of ambulances, and communicating with our personnel and vehicles. Medstar communications center personnel are all certified Emergency Medical Technicians, and have all completed the Emergency Medical Dispatch program as instructed by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch.

Medstar Mechanics- Keeping Our Patients Safe and Secure

When an agency has a fleet of over 40 vehicles and the responsibility for emergency response and medical transportation, the safety and proper function of the vehicles is essential. Medstar employs two full-time mechanics, who work throughout the day and night to ensure that our fleet is prepared to meet the demanding needs of emergency response and constant use.

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